Pre-loading inspection

In a quality control programme, this is the most commonly used type of inspection. Pre-loading inspection is done when 100% of assembling and 80% of packing is finished. For pre-loading inspection we apply a statistical selection method according to AQL (ISO 2859-1) standard, and the whole lot is sampled randomly and evenly. AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) method helps define the sample size and number of defects allowed.

Предпогрузочная инспекция ​​

The pre-load inspection checks: produced quantity, quality of packing and marking, printed materials, quality of external and internal assembly, conformity of components to the prototype and CDF (Constructional Data Form), physical parameters, functional testing, special tests specific for this type of product. 

The key advantage of pre-load inspection is the possibility of making sure that the product is made according to all the requirements and specifications long before you make the final payment, you exclude the possibility of loading the scrap product and avoid returning products from your customers which may harm to your brand. After pre-load inspection, if inconsistencies or defects are detected, you can replace or reproduce the defective lot.

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